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YHA For Groups:    Basingstoke Friends

Basingstoke Friends Group


Basingstoke Friends is a member of the AIVC network of groups.

Hostelling with the YHA

What's the deal?

BNHIVC enjoys the benefit of Group Membership of the YHA Organisation provided by the Association of Inter-Varsity Clubs. 

How do I take advantage of the Group YHA Membership?

Any member of an IVC Club has the opportunity to take advantage of this group membership scheme.  You simply need to book a stay at one of the establishments in England and Wales for a minimum of 5 people to qualify for the “Group Status”.  You do not have to be an individual member of the YHA to use this.  As a group member you will not have to pay the £3 per head supplement, which is charged to non-members.

Where can I go with the YHA?

Many types of accommodation are available from bunk houses and barns to B&B guesthouses, university campuses and rent a hostel schemes.  There are also some centres offering outdoor activities.  Or why not rent a tipi and go native American style.

The YHA website is very informative and you can search for the various accommodation types you are looking for in order to plan your trip. Locations range from the Pennines, the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales in the North, to the Heart of England, the South-West and all corners of Wales.  There are also some locations in Scotland and Ireland.

Where can I find more detailed information about types of accommodation?

Each Club has a handbook, which gives details of the scheme and lists all the accommodation available.  The YHA handbook is held by the Secretary and can be made available for you to browse at Tuesday clubnights.  Should you need to obtain the membership number then you can contact  the Secretary at any time by email or phone to request this.

How do I go about booking YHA accommodation?

Each Club has a membership card showing our unique membership number.  The clubs group membership card is held by the Secretary which you may be asked to produce when booking into a YHA hostel.  You will need to sign for the card and return it to the Secretary after the YHA trip.

There is far too much information on the website to include here, so please take the time to explore the YHA web site and start taking advantage of what it has to offer.


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