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Active Hampshire Meetup Group
Active Hampshire

About Us:    Basingstoke Friends

Basingstoke Friends Group


Basingstoke Friends is a member of the AIVC network of groups.

Welcome to Active Hampshire Social Club


About Us ...

Active Hampshire is a social club for professional and like minded couples and singles aged 20 - 50. Our club has a diary bursting with pre-organised events, new friends to meet and a hassle-free way to develop your social life in North Hampshire. We are a social and activity club with a difference - you get to choose the events we organise.

All of our events are organised by the members for the members. So if there is something you want to do, just ask around and it will happen. We are a growing club with over forty members who all actively participate.

Click on the What's On link in the top menu to see the full range of events we have planned. So if you fancy cycle-rides, sailing, restaurants and days out in London then get in touch.



For only 15.00 pounds you will be sent a Bulletin every month for the next 12 months.

You can register your interest in Active Hampshire by clicking the link below. This will take you to the Application Form in the ActivityForum Membership Management System which is used by Active Hampshire to manage our membership enquiries.

This will enable us to send you a full Membership form and further details about the club by email.

Click the link below to complete our online application form

Active Hampshire Application Form in ActivityForum

This is the best way to see exactly the type of events we run. Let's face it, what will 15.00 pounds buy you these days?

Alternatively, click on the link below for a printable Trial Membership form.

Printable Enquiry Form

Please print and complete this form, then give it to one of the IVC officers at a club night, or an event together with your cheque. Alternatively, please send it to the address shown on the form, with your 15.00 pounds subscription or request details of how to pay by Internet Banking. Cheques should be made payable to "Active Hampshire". Please do not send cash by post.

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